Highly competent and organized DevOps engineer with experience designing, implementing and maintaining automated, highly available and secure systems infrastructures and data-center operations across public cloud & on-prem. Precise, articulate and adept in interdepartmental and client communications. Committed to continuous skill development. Eager to take on new challenges and deliver high quality results, particularly in a collaborative setting.

Qualifications | Skills

  • Cloud architecture, automation & security
    • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
    • Serverless (Lambda) event driven architecture
  • Container orchestration
    • Kubernetes, Nomad, ECS, Docker
  • Virtualization
    • VMWare, KVM, Docker, LXC
  • Automation, orchestration & configuration management
    • Terraform / cloud native, Vagrant, Packer
    • Golang, Bash, Ruby, Python, PowerShell/DSC
    • Puppet, Ansible, Chef, cloud native
  • Monitoring: Datadog, Splunk, Cloudwatch, ELK, Prometheus, Nagios
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Leadership, training & mentoring
    • 5+ years leading teams of DevOps engineers, including architecture, planning & executing solutions for internal systems and customer facing products
  • Server / cluster administration w/ focus on opensource
    • Linux: Ubuntu, Container Linux (CoreOS), Red Hat + Unix
    • Windows Server + Azure Cloud
  • Database management & automation
    • Cloud native (DynamoDB, RDS, Spanner, etc.)
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
    • Vault, Consul, Etcd
  • Networking & Security: VPC, Meraki, HP, Fortinet, Dell, Nessus
  • Hardware systems maintenance and installation

Work Experience

Tecton | Seattle, WA (Remote) 2021 — Present

DevOps Engineer

Tecton provides the first enterprise-ready feature store that manages the complete lifecycle of features for data scientists and data engineers — from engineering new features to serving them online for real-time predictions.

Bitnomial | Seattle, WA (Remote) 2021 — 2021

DevOps Engineer

Bitnomial was founded in 2014 to create a marketplace connecting native digital asset hedgers with institutional traders. Bitnomial offers improved derivatives exchange technology coupled with new digital asset settlement systems.

Shujinko | Seattle, WA 2018 — 2021

Lead DevOps Engineer / Co-Founder

Shujinko is a software as a service (SaaS) that simplifies, automates and modernizes IT audit preparation and readiness for enterprises. The Shujinko platform streamlines the complex, manual and costly process required for companies to successfully prepare for and pass compliance audits.

  • Led team of DevOps & backend software engineers
    • Partnered with product and leadership to develop, prioritize and deliver features and projects
    • Agile planning, mentoring & code reviews
  • Architecture
    • Built the foundation for newly formed company's infrastructure and SDLC with security best practices
      • Using tools such as: Terraform, Packer, AWS (ECS, EKS, Aurora, Lambda, etc.), GCP, CircleCI, Golang
    • Responsible for development & lifecycle of cloud infrastructure, backend systems (microservices), continuous integration & delivery (CI/CD) and the overall health of the Shujinko platform



  • Achieved fully automated deployment pipelines for both application and infrastructure from non-production to production through the development of a custom and extensible framework that could be centrally maintained and implemented across hundreds of GitHub repositories using tools like:
    • Mage, Make, Golang, Bash, Terraform & CircleCI

Infrastructure & Security as Code

  • Helped customers implement security best practices in their public cloud by developing a library of hundreds of custom Terraform modules (also used internally) that can easily be deployed through the Shujinko product


  • Improved development efficiency & collaboration with self-service GitOps model allowing engineers & employees to deploy resources at will and in some cases with gated approvals including everything from s3 buckets to GitHub repositories

Event Driven Architecture

  • Collaborated on the design and implementation of the most sought out product at Shujinko. The product was able to achieve high efficiency and scale by using an event driven (Lambda, SQS, etc.) backend system used to retrieve customer data from third party APIs (IaaS, SaaS, etc.)

Starbucks Coffee Company | Seattle, WA (Remote from San Francisco, CA) 2016 — 2018

Lead DevOps Engineer

Co-led a team of DevOps & software engineers to implement containerized microservices platform

  • Engineered highly resilient, repeatable, and secure cloud infrastructure written in a declarative model to achieve infrastructure as code at scale that could be easily adopted by software development teams
    • AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Vault, Ansible, Concourse (CI/CD)
  • Launched a global rewards program on the platform that handled millions of transactions a day and went on to host many more services for internal teams across the company

Clustrix (MariaDB) | San Francisco, CA 2015 — 2016

IT Infrastructure Engineer
  • Engineer and maintain datacenter and cloud infrastructure
    • 300+ physical servers
    • 100+ virtual servers / container services
  • Reduced data center power footprint saving $3k recurring monthly costs
  • Procure, provision, configure and deploy new infrastructure and services (physical and cloud)
  • Design, manage, and maintain automation relied upon by engineering, qa and other teams
    • PXE, kickstart, ansible, puppet, python + bash
  • Assess, communicate and remediate risks associated within the IT infrastructure and systems
  • Security vulnerabilities, hardware failure, business continuity
  • Systematically develop and maintain internal documentation (mediawiki & confluence)
  • Manage IT vendor relationships
  • Vendor selection, contract renewals, licensing

CARDFREE | San Francisco, CA 2014 — 2015

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer
  • Engineer & maintain enterprise infrastructure through highly available virtualized solutions
    • Focus on engineering and maintaining back end systems and infrastructure for several of the largest white label mobile commerce initiatives in the U.S. spanning two datacenters and hundreds of nodes
  • Created consistent and agile server infrastructure allowing for quick and painless builds by engineering environments-based roles and profiles model with Puppet (infrastructure as code)
  • Implement infrastructure automation eliminating hours of manual processes through scripted jobs and reactionary alerts
  • Improve environment health monitoring through Zabbix implementation and Splunk collection analytics, alerts and dashboards
  • Develop highly effective working relationship with developers to achieve efficient, successful solutions and code deployments



  • Saved hundreds of manual build hours and thousands of dollars on an underutilized Puppet Enterprise implementation by migrating to open source Puppet with roles and profiles model for five environments and three Puppet master servers
  • Created strong, well documented workflow for contribution and deployment with the use of Git, R10k, Hiera, custom ruby Facter facts and tests for functionality, style and syntax

Workstation Build and Maintenance

  • Recognized and improved inefficient workstation (Mac / OS X) onboarding and maintenance process by building and documenting a new solution that was successfully handed off for use by others

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Gained redundant health monitoring quickly utilizing Puppet to implement multiple Zabbix instances in multiple environments for greater insight into environment and faster, more reliable issue response times

Local development platform

  • Contribute to local development platform by utilizing Puppet, Packer and Vagrant to build custom vagrant images that allow developers and team members to run solutions on virtual machines nearly identical to production eliminating numerous factors that can cause development and deployment issues downstream

Westerra Credit Union | Denver, CO 2010 — 2014

System Administrator II
  • Maintain, implement and improve operations of enterprise server and desktop infrastructure (100+ server, 400+ desktop)
    • Linux, Windows and Unix - Physical & Virtual environment (VMWare + Hyper-V)
    • Primary on Linux environment, Nagios/Orion (Server Monitoring), Puppet/System Center (System Configuration), SharePoint
  • Implement and architect interdepartmental needs and internal IT projects created from scratch to save money, create time efficiencies and reduced manual dependencies
    • Change management, Power management, Vendor management (web based solutions)
  • Other implementations that were able to reduce cost and increase efficiencies
    • Ubuntu, Puppet, SVN, Nagios, VMWare
    • System Center: Configuration Manager, Service Manager, Windows Deployment Services, Hyper-V, Solarwinds Orion
  • Manage highly available systems and disaster recovery between multiple datacenters
    • Perform a full disaster recovery test once every six months
  • Part of small team that relocated two datacenters within six months (Denver to Las Vegas)
  • Training/mentoring individuals on processes, solutions and products deployed


SCCM Implementation

  • Saved the organization ~240 manual hours quarterly by architecting new SCCM 2012 R2 infrastructure, a migration from 2007 R2 implementation, with automation being a key focus of the project

Puppet Implementation

  • Implemented Puppet configuration management on small number of Linux servers, which allowed for more automated and streamlined processes

Power Management

  • Saved power consumption on idle machines for the organization by implementing scripted power management solution; originally implemented using Linux & Bash, recently revamped using Windows and PowerShell

Server Monitoring

  • Gained redundancy and extended monitoring with multi-site Nagios and Orion implementations

Change Management Solution

  • Replaced multiple weekly meetings by creating an electronic automated change management process using SharePoint forms and workflows; requests submitted receive approvals in minutes instead of days

Sharepoint 2013 Migration

  • Proactively reallocated resources to correct an over taxed SharePoint 2010 single server farm by migrating to a multi-server SharePoint 2013 farm which is utilized by the whole organization

Westerra Credit Union | Denver, CO 2009 — 2010

IT Support Technician II
  • Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair computer systems, hardware and computer peripherals both on-site and remotely


Custom Windows Imaging

  • Streamlined and optimized imaging process with scripting and portable solution to allow for flexibility and gains in time efficiency, with this update imaging could be completed in one tenth of the time and was able to meet disaster recovery requirements that were not being met prior

SCCM Implementation

  • Replaced archaic configuration management solution by implementing SCCM 2007 R2

Jeffco Credit Union | Lakewood, CO 2008 — 2009

PC Technician
  • Handled various responsibilities:
    • Daily technical processes within Unix environment
    • PC and User support
    • Install and maintain server, desktop and network infrastructure
  • Architected and implemented virtual environment to simplify and streamline infrastructure
  • Jeffco Credit Union merged with Westerra Credit Union in 2009

Education | Training

Technical Coursework

Golang, AWS, Cloud Architecture, RHEL, Ubuntu Linux

General Coursework 2006 — 2008

Community College of Denver

School of Engineering 2005 — 2006

University of Colorado at Denver

Charitable Work | Interests

Impact Ethiopia | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2011 - 2014

Ethiopia Community Development
  • Developed and implemented internet cafe technical infrastructure in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
  • Plan and coordinate strategic and intentional vision for yearly trips including:
    • Leadership development & partnerships for improving quality of life for elderly, homeless and those with HIV


References available upon request.